Thanks, Randy

Last night, I was on a plane.

The takeoff was really rough. I am not afraid to fly, but I don’t like being bounced around either.
It had been a long hard day and I was way past tired.

I struck up a conversation with the person next to me towards the end of the flight. I have made changes in my life that are inconvenient and expensive and probably misunderstood.

I decided to live the advice that I like to give: don’t postpone joy.

I can be extremely decisive. That doesn’t mean I don’t overanalyze after the fact. That’s what I did the entire two-hour and 45-minute flight. I admitted this to the total stranger beside me and he told me an amazing story about his near-death experience in a job that wasn’t worth dying for. And he told me it would be okay. That it’s possible to start over.

The landing was smooth. And I realized I could put the past behind me.

Thanks, Randy. You were the messenger I needed.

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  1. I am taking a 40 Day course on living in Joy not in fear. I am so glad you had someone to talk to and who helped you!
    That was a true blessing. With much love, mom

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